Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cherries flirting with Green

9"X14" watercolor on 300lb cp paper.  This painting over time evolved from a simple bowl of cherries with reflections.  The cherries in crystal is from a photo on "idrawandpaint" for the Feb. watercolor challenge.  I finished the challenge, but did not like the dark background in the photo.  So...I painted New Gamboge into the background and the red in the cherries popped...Now, I had the focal point i.e.(Cherries) floating in a sea of yellow.  So, add a table, that I did.  Very light touch, because I already put the reflection in and moving the yellow paint across the painted red cherries without disturbing it.  That done added a little burnt sienna and purple for the darks.  Then for a last applause I threw in a green towel to complement the red...


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